We are so thankful you have invited us to be a part of your journey! This is one of the most important moments of your life and we’re here to support your family every step of the way. We offer several customizable packages ranging from family planning, labor plans, Maternity/ Paternity benefits, and leave support as well as parenting tips and tricks. As well as personalized a la carte services such as attending appointments for support, 24-hour concierge service, and even baby shower planning! We can BEARly wait to get started! 


Designed to help you adjust to your new "normal" as seamlessly as possible.


The Bear Minimum

  • 30 minute in-person or virtual session.

  • Labor Plan outlining personalized ideal experience

  • Tips & Tricks Cheat Sheet 

  • Recorded how to's videos

  • Swaddling technique training 

  • Mama Bear breastfeeding recommendations


Mama Bear + Papa Bear

  • 1 hour in-person or virtual session.

  • Mama: feeding techniques (bottles/breast), carrier devices, postnatal motherly care tips, bath-time routines.

  • Papa: includes the above services + breastmilk storage, bottle washing, male activity ideas, & bonding therapy. 


The Bear Essentials

  • Three, 1-hour in-person or virtual sessions.

  • Plans and techniques from the first two services

  • Your personalized labor plan, car seat safety, baby diet, and nutritional tips and registry assistance

  • Parenting analysis feedback

  • Pediatrician selection support 


Hi there! We are Teddy & Jellisa Morris. We are the proud parents of 3 beautiful boys! When we became parents it was the most life-changing event we had ever gone through. There are so many things not spoken about during that time in your life and we got to thinking one night, after a 3-hour long bedtime session; which included 3 trips to the potty, 1 blow out diaper, 2 drinks of water, 4 books, prayers and a lot and I mean a lot of crying (some of which was the baby).


“We should tell people about this! We should really tell people the truth about having a baby!”

So here we are. This is our truth, our experience as parents. We’re here to help, we’re here to support you through this time of lives & offer you our tried & true best tips & tricks to survive this thing called parenthood.


I met with Bear Essentials to talk about breastfeeding and hospital bag essentials. They provided expert advice in a way that was easy to understand for a first time mommy to be! They effortlessly explained which breast pumps they recommended with the pros and cons of the products I was looking at. They also gave great advice for what items are essential to have within those first few days and weeks postpartum for both mom, dad, and baby.


- Billi Jo Strika - 

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Jellisa & Teddy were prepared for our meeting and presented me with a lot of great information to help guide me through the remaining weeks of my pregnancy.  They also provided numerous tips and tricks for postpartum recovery and transitioning to life with a newborn. I would highly recommend Bear Essentials Consulting for all things motherhood.


- Heather Bailey -